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An Unfertilized Egg Is A Pre-Abortion!!!

An EGG is like a little PERSON. An EGG can grow into a little person in it's mommy's TUMMY if it meets the right SPERM. so every egg can be a PERSON!! Would you kill a person? I wouldnt!!!! When a woman dies, all the little eggs in her ovaries die. That's 100's of 1000s of little PEOPLE,DYING! Killing people is wrong. That is why every woman must try to be pregnant as Often as possible. God says it is bad to have sex to a man you are not married to. But God also says it is bad to kill people. So women must get married and have as many babies as you can! Otherwise the little eggs will die.

When a modern woman abandons GOD and has an abortion, she kills a little person, so God hates her and even though He LOVES her He has to send her to Hell where she will burn for eternity for not keeping her baby. Therefore modern women are not as good as ancient women.

But a woman can kill babies without having an abortion by not being pregnant enough! DONT YOU SEE!!!!? A baby doesn't start being Human when there is a sperm in the egg, a baby is Human when it is just an Egg! Millions of people have died because women havent been Pregnant enough.

Therefore, in conclusion, you should always be Pregnant.

Its very important that you tell as many ppl as you can, which is why I put it up on the Internet!

Please link to this page, thatway you can share our message with more people!

September 22 2005

So far, Google and Yahoo have refused to index me, even though i have been Asking NICELY. They must be pro-contraception pro-abortion people, and that means they are by accident Supporting the Baby-killer Egg-killers! I need all of you to write them letters, write everybody letters, to tell them that my message must be heard! The SOULS of the Ooctyes are at stake!!! I can only hope God will forgive them. I see from my Counter and my guestbook that I have numerous supportors. I want to thank you All for being so nice to me.

A words about Potty Language: God does not like it, and He may not forgive you for using it if you are not Good. If you repent, though, he will Forgive and you will not burn in Hell because God Loves you. It is important that you realize that and be nice.

Somebody critisized my spelling too. I know it is not real good, but God does not care about spelling so neither should you!

Thanks later.

October 14 2005

Again, thank you everybody for supporting me. I've gotten more fans than i ever dremaed of now. Even though somebody called me a mean name in my guestbook, I am still am glad I am able to contribute to Society with my project. I am proud to announce Google has listed me now. Jesus must have convinced them to do what is right. I am now listed on, too, but as long as they keep people coming here, it is worth being there even if they don't believe me. Yahoo does not have me listed though, so I would appreciate it if after signing my guestbook, you email them to tell them to include me! Dont let the pro-abortionists keep down the truth!

I have to address a concern somebody made in my guestbook. He said that if more women were born, more eggs would die because every women has Oocytes, and for a minute I believed him and my Faith was shaken. Could it be that I had told women to get pregnant and killed millions of people because their Babies will be girls and eggs that will die because the girls can't be pregnant enough?! It was a crisis, but God spoke to me in my heart and led me through it, and I realized that if the girls were never born, their eggs would never be born, so they would die anyway and their souls would be lost. So some eggs can be saved, but only though more pregnancy, otherwise those eggs die too.

But I don't understand why so many souls are condemned. I hope God speaks to my heart again and explains, for He is Mighty and His wisdom is absolute, but even if I don't understand it i have to do His will. Amen.

October 16 2005 A.D.

Somebody made a very important point, that I should consider the spematazoa too and not just the ova. I just don't know what to do about sperms becuase they don't live long, but I was raised to believe babies are mostly a woman's responsibility, and the egg is very big compared to the sperm. Since sperms die so fast, I think they need to be frozen and preserved so that as many of them can make babies as possible and not be pre-abortions.

I also wanted to congratulate a family from Arkansaw I saw on the news on their 16th child! They are doing the best they can to save oocytes and keep the faith in God. They said that as long as God wants them to have more children they'll keep on having them, and that is right.
Someone asked what I think about overpopulation. I think overpopulation is not a problem because God said to be fruitful and multiply, so we should multiply and he will take care of us.

Another thing someone else said was that I don't care about women and i think they are just for incubating eggs. That's not true, women can do many things, even though the are the weaker vessels. They just need to focus most on making babies, because that is God's work. I think it is fine if a woman has a job if she spends her time taking care of her children too.
And women's bodies were made to handle pregnancy, so they can keep on doing it many times, or else they wouldn't be able to. A woman should be pregnant as much as she can because the babies will die without her, while she probably won't die.

God bless.

November 20 2005 A.D.

See the guestbook, Lord Emu has finally given my movement the validation i sot! Thanks Lord Emu!!!

December 25 2005 A.D.

Happy Birthday Jesus Christ!

Janaury 23 2006 A.D.

It is a new year and there are more oocytes to be saved! Get to work married couples! Happy new year!

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